Wednesday 30 March 2016

The Writer Diaries: Micropoetry - March 2016

So, I came across micropoetry when faffing around on Twitter... and me being me, I kind of dove right in there.

Of course, then I figured out that since I tend to write directly into the tweet box (I know that's not normally how it's done but meh, that's the way I roll sometimes,) I was seriously in danger of losing the random bits and pieces of micropoetry I throw onto Twitter in the general clutter of my timeline/profile page/whatever it is you call it on Twitter.

Just to keep something of a record of my random writings then, I figured it'd be a good idea to collate them once a month into a Micropoetry Wrap-up type-thingummy.

Here's what I wrote in March (and one day in February,) -

February 29th

I think my heart is breaking darling
but I don't know why
every time I refresh the page the words remain

March 3rd

Were ones of regret.
She gave her children everything
And they never loved her.
She still loves them.


March 4th

The Truth? The Truth is
That you never knew.
Every breath in my lungs?
It was for you.

March 8th

We still face
Obvious & subtle discrimination
Major & minor inequalities
Every day,
Needing to scream - this is 2016!

silhouette woman

March 11th

do this
do that
end up being judged
whatever you do
just the way things go

March 12th

tomorrow I will see you
I wonder if you'll recognise
the one you left behind to die
guess I'm stronger than you thought

March 13th

do you feel sometimes
like people need to learn
that there are other people in this world too?

March 17th

Hello, my dear Shadow Man!
Yes, I love you still -
Though I can't see my Shadow Man,
I know he's with me still.

night sky

March 18th

I asked for your #heart,
You told me no.
Don't go, dear Shadow Man,
Please don't go.

March 28th

I throw words out into the dark
Like tiny fireflies
Hoping to spread light

March 29th

I love you, dear stranger,
Just for being you.
Wherever you may be,
You may count on the love
Of a stranger like me

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  1. You are a GREAT poet! I especially like the March 8th one, the ending line is powerful :)

    1. Thank you! :) *blushes due to not being used to compliments, flaps hands ineffectually, hides behind a pot plant*

  2. I think micro poetry is beautiful and wonderful. It's amazing what so few words can contain in a single poem when you think about it. I love writing it myself and you have some brilliant pieces here too <3

    1. Well thank you :) I'd love to read some of yours some time.


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