Friday 29 April 2016

Friday Fics Fix! - No Sex, Please, We're British

Do you want the good news first or the bad news?


Let's lead with the bad news: this week's fic is Omegaverse.

I've explained Omegaverse and all of it's bizarreness before, and I'm not doing it again. Go check that post if you want to know more.

The good news then?

There's no sexy-times!

Did you hear that???? Omegaverse - the fount of weird alternate-universe porn - has produced a completely no sexy-times fic!!!!!!


In fact, this fic (from the Sherlockians, that most dearly beloved and often most deranged group of fangirls and fanboys,) is about an asexual and aromantic Omega-designated Sherlock.

Now, a round of applause really has to go to the fic writer here: asexuality and aromanticism in Omegaverse?

You, my friend, are a credit to the fandom. You should have a certificate for services to nerd-dom.

(Fangirling note: this gif, my dear nerdlets, is from the original 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.' That is Kimberley, Billy, and Tommy. Non-90s-kids do not know the pain. That was my childhood, right there.)


Also, I really love the whole Lestrade-is-protective-of-Sherlock (on account of him being basically Sherlock's dad,) thing.

This week's fantastical piece of fanfiction, then, is:

I Can Stand Alone by SailorChibi

Honestly, I'm so chuffed to have found something which takes a well-worn AU and finds something original to say about it :)

Also, I haven't recommended a fic with sexy-times in a month. Still can't help feeling it's the calm before the storm.

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