Friday 13 May 2016

Friday Fics Fix! - The Dark of the Night

I'm sorry, my dearest nerdlets, but we all knew that it couldn't last.


The last few weeks of 'clean' fanfiction (I just realised that I rarely use the word 'clean' on my blog... yeah... I'm so going to hell,) have been a welcome change.

But now, my friends, the idealism is over.


We are back to the traditional fanfiction fare (which essentially means sex, sex, and more sex - a word that certainly does appear on this blog. See? I'm going to hell.)

In fact, this week's fic features rape. It gets quite graphic in places, but isn't presented as a good thing - more a trauma that needs to be overcome.

So let's get this clear:


You heard me, and now your parents can't yell at me. Because I warned you.

This is CapsLok (also known as FrostShield - but let's face it, CapsLok sounds so much better.)

(Fangirling note: CapsLok, or FrostShield, is a Loki and Captain America sexual and/or romantical relationship.)

This fic is actually very sweet (once you get beyond the Very. Bad. Things.) Basically, the Marvel Comics villain Nightmare is p**sed off at Steve for some reason.

I assume, since this is part of a series, that there was a reason given in previous fics for Nightmare's p**sed-off-ness. Maybe not. Who knows? Just go with it.

Anyway, Nightmare decides to take it out on Loki - who's now Steve's boyfriend - because messing with loved ones is part of the whole villainy thing.

I really loved the whole focus on Steve-n-Loki's relationship.

The fic author clearly doesn't ignore the fact that Loki is pretty messed up emotionally and mentally, and there's references to previous events in the fic-series for people who actually bother to read things in order.

I love, love, loved the support that Steve gave him.

So, this week's fic is:

Help by Oudemia

I enjoyed it - and actually thought it was quite well-written. But then, with the amount of fanfiction I read this week, I'm just happy when things are in sentences that I can understand.

Which this is! So, yeah, I liked this one. Check it out if it sounds interesting to you.

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