Friday 20 May 2016

Friday Fics Fix! - Just Go With It

Warning: I had an excuse to use Sherlock gifs.

I'm not going to sugar-coat it - this week's fic is pretty out-there.

And it's Sherlockian. Which should tell you a lot.

(You know what? Said like that 'Sherlockian' sounds like a country... or maybe a cult.

Luckily, I know the Sherlock fandom well enough to know that the vast majority of them will take being called a cult as a compliment.

The rest of them may very well see it as an aspiration.)

(Proof of the randomness and magnificence of this fandom.)

Anyhow, the main bizarre-ness of this fic is that it's based heavily on fic-ception.

(Fangirling note:

'Fic-ception' is a term that I use to describe fics which contain fics-within-fics, which in turn affect the main fic.

I know, sounds confusing. Just trust me. It's basically a fic where one of the themes/tropes is fanfiction.)

There's some sexual content - including rape fantasy - here.

So - do I have to say it? - 18+ only. Right, I've warned you.

Strangely though, this is actually not as graphic, sexy-times-wise, as most fanfiction I read. There's no full-on doing-it in this fic.

Don't let that fool you though - this definitely has sexual content and mature themes.

Basically, John finds fanfiction about him and Sherlock - dodgy rape-fantasy fanfiction - and it makes him think about Sherlock in a whole other light.

Then Sherlock finds the fanfiction on John's computer, and sexiness ensues.

Told'ya it was weird. On the scale of fanfiction weirdness though, it's probably still pretty normal.

(Ah 'normal' - how I miss you.)

This week's fic is:

Lost an Entire Wednesday by beltainefaerie

Enjoy my fellow (over 18!) Sherlockians!

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