Friday 27 May 2016

Friday Fics Fix! - Love And Other Inconveniences

Hello dearest nerdlets!

It's Friday again - which means it's time for me to drag you kicking and screaming into the incredibly weird and wacky (but still oh-so wonderful) world of fanfiction.

And I'm going to spoil you (because I'm just that lovely,) and give you a whopping 5 fics for the price of one!

Yep - a whole 5 fics.

Lemme explain:

I came across a FrostIron series that somehow I hadn't tripped over before (I know, hard to believe that there's any FrostIron I haven't devoured yet - but here's the proof,) and realised that they're so closely linked that I had to recommend all of them.

(Fangirl note:

FrostIron is where Tony Stark and Loki have a little something-something romantical and/or sexy-times going on between them.

I read far too much of it, so if you haven't heard me (seen me? I'm typing not speaking, after all,) talk about it before... then you must be quite new here; and now is probably your last chance to run.)

Now, there is sexy-sexy-times here, particularly in the last instalment of the series.

So. You know what I'm going to say:

18+ only.

Don't let your parents yell at me. Thank you.

Okie dokes - today's fics are:

The Here Comes Your Man series by hannahrhen

This is a whole Reluctant!Soulmate AU. (I have no idea why we punctuate everything with '!'s in fanfiction, we just do.)

(Fangirl note: An AU is an alternate universe. Because in fandom, anything can happen. Anything.)

Soulmate AUs are relatively common in the world of fanfiction: basically, everyone (or a few chosen people) is/are born with a soulmate.

'Soulmate bonds' tend to be magical-y and/or biological-y.

Beyond that, the 'rules' are usually up to the fic author. Some favour the first words your soulmate will say to you being printed on your skin like a birthmark, some prefer an intense physical feeling of unity, etc.

What makes this series so great is that neither Tony nor Loki want to be each other's soulmates for all time. Which leads to much angst and shenanigans :)


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