Sunday 15 May 2016

Nerd Church - Celebrate the Small Stuff

You know what I've figured out? Everything means something.

Seriously, butterflies are small, aren't they, and look at how much joy and beauty they bring to the world. Cupcakes are small, and I enjoy the hell out of those.

The small stuff, then, actually feels like the big stuff.

I know that better than most - when you've got depression/anxiety, you sometimes feel like even the tiniest problems are an ocean away from solvable.

A chip on your favourite mug is just proof that the world hates you. An awkward conversation with someone you haven't spoken to in years is proof (to you, at least,) that you fail as a person. Not being able to find something you're looking for at the shops is proof that you can't be trusted with even the smallest of tasks.

But, somehow, these are the parts of the small stuff that you have to leave behind. Or at least downgrade in your head from BIG RED PROBLEM, to 'meh, that's a pain - but I can fix it.'

I know that that's easier said than done. But I find one of the ways to do it is by paying more attention to the good small stuff.

Cats have the sweetest little noses. Cupcakes are tasty. Butterflies are beautiful. You have other mugs. There's other stuff at the shops.

(Because... Internet.)

And your small victories?

The fact that you got through that conversation (terribly, awkwardly, but you got through it, unless you're still talking, of course.)

The fact that you found something to smile at today - that bird, that flower, that book.

The fact that you did something - no matter how small - towards some bigger goal.

(Who doesn't need Brendon Urie being random in gif-format?)

Over the last few weeks, I've been lucky enough to reach a few milestones with this blog:
  • Over 500 followers on Twitter
  • Over 10k page-views
  • My first followers on Bloglovin

And you know what? This may still be a small blog - but it's growing. And I did this myself. And I'm going to celebrate it.

And thank you to everyone - honestly.

I don't think you understand just how much a simple 'like,' follow, retweet, or page-view, can help bring a smile to my face. It's proof that there are people out there who care. And that rocks.

(Special mentions for my lovely fellow-bloggers, for my bestest bestie, and for my No 1 Twitter follower in terms of 'likes,' Arbind Paonam.) 

It may seem small, but the small things? They matter.

Nerd Church is a weekly post where I go off on one about... pretty much whatever is going on in my head that week (but I like to fancy it up by calling it 'issues.') Feel free to continue the discussion, but as always, please link back here ;)

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  1. You are so right, it is easy to worry and distress ourselves about the small things, that really don't matter. Instead forget about the minor and work on fixing the bigger things that you can. While still enjoying all the small things. Well done on your blog success, I hope you continue to enjoy it.
    Amanda. #weekendblogshare

    1. Well thank you very much for the lovely comment, and for stopping by :)

  2. I loved this post Cee! It can be very hard to let go of the negativity and focus on the good things, and that's why celebrating little victories are so important. It's great how proud of yourself you are <3

    1. Thanks so much for this comment Em :) & I'm trying to be proud of myself - it's not easy! I have to repeat things I've achieved to myself *a lot* in order to accept them.

      Of course, it helps when I get lovely little comments with hearts at the end :) <3

  3. You should definitely be proud of what you have achieved, just like anyone should do! And yes, it is important to sometimes take a step off of our pedestal and really enjoy the small stuff that life can bring. Because overlooking them and stressing them does affect our lifestyle and view on life!

    1. Yep - really have nothing to add to that! Well put! :)


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