Sunday 1 May 2016

Nerd Church - The Importance of Chillaxation

You know what I've realised this week?

Relaxation is uber-uber-important.

This is a photo I took in Pembrokeshire. See? I keep telling you Wales is beautiful.

I don't mean just being lazy, I mean giving yourself some time to completely chillax.

Human brains are peculiar things, and they need processing time to put all the things they've thought about, seen, heard, felt, etc., into little individually-labelled folders, and then put those folders in the correct drawers in the filing cabinet.

(No, I don't mean literally - silly people! It's all metaphorical and junk, of course.)

I mean, we're all (by which I mean society - that big ominous thingummy,) obsessed with fitting more 'productivity' into everything.

You know what will actually increase your productivity? Chilling out.

I mean it, your brain works better when you've had time to relax and chill.

Stressing just makes you feel icky, makes your brain work like mush (and not the good kind of mush,) and impedes your ability to actually do all the productive stuff you want to do.

So schedule in some you-time.

And don't spend that time worrying that you should be working - it kind of defeats the object of the thing.

Grab a book, or turn on the TV, or whatever you like... and don't stress over it. Allow yourself to actually enjoy it and to actually relax.

Self-care is important.

You have to take care of yourself - all of yourself - or you won't be able to do anything else.

We all have mental health, just like we all have physical health.

If you don't exercise and eat right, your physical health suffers. If you don't chillax and allow your brain some time to process everything - no matter how big or small - then your mental health suffers.

Sometimes you're not relaxed, even if you think you are.

Relaxing is far more difficult than it sounds - and I know that's a bit of a paradox,  but trust me on this one.

I'm exceptionally good at convincing myself I'm relaxed, when in reality I'm just less tense.

Remember to give yourself some time to actually relax - not just be less stressed ;)

Cut the screen-time a bit.

I know this is heresy to a lot of people... but you need time without electronic screens. They screw with your brain.

So spend some time unplugged (yes, even e-readers, try paper once in a while,) - your poor digital-fatigued brain will thank you for it.

Hopefully this post made a degree of sense.

I realise that I have the tendency to go way off-topic, and ramble my little reading-addict mouth off (or should that be fingers? I'm typing, not talking, after all,) but hopefully every so often I actually say something worthwhile (a girl can dream.)

Nerd Church is a weekly post where I ramble about just about anything and everything. Feel free to continue the discussion, but please link back here ;)

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  1. Great post Cee! My mom always used to say whenever I started having a meltdown: relaxation is the key to a healthy lifestyle. I always try to have some time away from schoolwork and obligations to just be alone and chill a bit. It's something that I need to be a part of my day.

    1. Your mother sounds like a very smart lady ;) and quite right too - I did the whole stress-y thing when I was at school. It's not worth it, honestly. Chill out :)

  2. I know what you mean. I haven't been giving myself time to relax lately and that's why I'm so tense about everything. But I'm really working on it and hopefully in time it will get better for me :)

    1. Well have yourself a nice little break Liv :) you deserve it! <3


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