Sunday 8 May 2016

Nerd Church - Use Your Vote, Raise Your Voice

We had some elections here this week.

One thing became abundantly clear to me - not enough of us vote.

Because, while the turnout was what is considered 'good,' it was still under 50% of voters. If less than half of the people are speaking - how do you know what the majority wants?


What really disgusted me though was that UKIP won 7 assembly seats.

Maybe that doesn't sound like that much to you. We only have 60 seats in the Welsh Assembly. That means that UKIP holds over 10% of seats. They have never held an Assembly seat before.

As an explanation to you non-British folks: UKIP are a bunch of bigoted idiots who think Britain should leave the European Union because... foreigners.

And apparently foreigners are bad. That is the extent of their logic.

They claim to not be racist, homophobic, sexist, and/or bigoted. I don't believe them.

Their leader is Nigel Farage - think Donald Trump levels of douche-bag-ish-ness, with more tea and visits to the pub, and the likeness of a toad. Oh, and more cunning.

Part of me really doesn't understand how UKIP can be voted in in Wales - their values are so very different to ours, that it just doesn't seem like a good fit.

In fact, to me it seems an affront to the blood of the land that these idiots dare to represent it.

I could understand Welsh people voting Conservative more easily than I can understand them voting UKIP (and every inch of my red socialist blood shudders at the thought of voting Conservative - but at least that's a choice I can understand people making.)

UKIP stand for intolerance. They stand for non-inclusiveness. They blame litter on immigrants. That is not my Wales.

But if less than half of voters actually vote, then how can we stop the far-right?

Truth is, we can't. Because the far-right is excessively good at frog-marching people down to the polling station.

So we need to vote. Everyone, everywhere - not just here in Wales, or here in the UK.


Speak up, and make sure your voice is heard.

Otherwise, it'll be hello Prime Minister Farage and President Trump - and we'll end up sending our children to fight in the Hunger Games.

Actually, the Hunger Games will probably be preferable to what those two rich prats have in store...

(Dear USA: I must point out that most of the rest of the world would very much prefer if Trump did not become President. Respectfully yours, Everyone.)

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  1. What an important issue! I will be old enough to vote here in Canada by the next election, and I so think it's important to have a voice. Why sit at home complaining when you have the power to do something?

    1. Yes! Go vote!!!! The only way to be heard is by speaking up!!!!!!! Butterfly effect politics!!!!!!!!!!! (Coffee? Me? Pshaw!) ;)

  2. It's so weird for me to see these things about not enough people voting. Here in Australia it's illegal not to vote if you're over the age of 18. Even if you're not in the country you have to put in your vote by mail. You get fined if you don't!

    1. We don't have that - although the argument for it comes around every few months or so. The main problem we have with politics in this country is that we confuse 'tradition' with 'a good idea.' So the response to mandatory voting is 'we shouldn't do that because... the way we've always done it is the way we've always done it...' Lol.

      Thanks for stopping by, and for the interesting comment XD


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