Tuesday 3 May 2016

Portraits in the Attic

I'm re-reading The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde at the moment.

It's a fantastic classic piece of Victorian gothic literature which tells the tale, oddly enough, of Dorian Gray, and his portrait.

Dorian's portrait (which he keeps in the attack - hence the title of my post. See? I think these things through...occasionally,) ages while he stays young.

The effects of all of his stresses and vices are transferred to the image on the canvas, while Dorian stays as he always was - young and beautiful.

This means that he decides to essentially go on a bender that lasts years, maybe decades.

Because his responsibility is basically null and void, it clearly goes to his head, and he just goes all out. Probably had too much absinthe.

So it got me to thinking: what would my portrait show?

I like to think it wouldn't be too bad. I like to think that my life has been good enough to stop my little magical-y gothic-y metaphorical-y portrait looking too dastardly, or too haggard.

I'm going to be honest though, it's probably wearing a bit by now. (Sigh.) (From the stresses, not the vice - I'm mind-numbingly boring when it comes to the vice.)

So, maybe a slightly more wrinkled and drawn version of myself? (I mean drawn as in gaunt - portraits are already the other type of drawn.)

That wouldn't be too bad. It might actually be quite nice to be able to show my story on my face for once.

What's so good about looking young anyway?

Looking young is a pain in the ever-loving behind. It really is. (I'm in my 20s. I look about 14.)

But you don't see Dorian getting ID'd to buy alcohol, or asked where his parents are.

That would've made the novel far more awkward - life of sin, sir? But aren't you a little young? We're going to need to see your driver's license.

Yep, that would've put a cork in his wild-times.

What would your portrait show?

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  1. Seems like a very interesting book! I think mine would be SO AGED, because I tend to get frazzled and stressed so much, and I can definitely go from 0 to 100 really quickly. Yikes, maybe I should calm down a bit lol!

    1. One of my favourite books actually - it's amazing :)

      Not calm, so much as chill ;) nothing is worth that much stress, trust me (not unless you've done something really bad, like Dorian, but I don't think you're the major-crimes type somehow :P )

    2. Lol I see what you did there! Yeah, can't say I'm the crime type of person, you are correct in that prediction!


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