Wednesday 29 June 2016

1/2 Year Resolutions Update

It's the end of June!

So I guess, given that half the year is gone already, it's time to look at where I am with those pesky bookish New Year's resolutions I made.

(Damn you attempts to improve myself!)

Reading Resolutions

  • To read 200 books (Goodreads Challenge)

Well on-target for this - I've read 110 books so far, 13 books ahead of schedule, and 55% through!

Yeah... don't think this one's gonna happen. Seeing as how I've read a grand total of... 1 book for this challenge.

I think it's because all the e-books and library books and new books keep distracting me.

So I'm revising my target down to 10 books. I can always put it back up again if I've got the chance.

  • To read widely

Welp. This one seems to be going quite well if the range of genres I've read this year is anything to go by (and that's a lot of different genres - I think I have a problem.)

I also wrote a post entitled '6 Ways To Read More Widely' in order to help others - because I'm nice like that.

  • To read at least 5 books in Welsh

Yeah... I haven't started this one.

I only mean to read like, really easy kids books, but I still haven't got around to it. Welsh is hard! ...So I kind of keep putting it off.

Even though I really want to learn more because hell, it's yr iaith (the language) of y gwlad (the land,) and it does mean a lot to me - but dude, it's a tough language to learn!

  • To never, ever, stop reading in print

Still reading a lot in print, as well as reading on the e-reader. Love print!

Blogging Resolutions

  • To blog regularly.

I blog almost every day - so this one is going well. Just have to keep it up!

  • To always be open, honest, and genuine in my blogging and my reviewing.

I hope you all agree that I definitely keep this in mind when blogging. To the extent where sometimes I probably tell you a little more than you wanted to know!

  • To never lose sight of why I started this blog - which was to have fun, feel a bit more like a person again, enjoy reading, and encourage others to do the same.

Hopefully still doing that!

  • Try to find ways to promote reading

As a Book Nerd On A Mission, I've been trying to read out in public (the big wide world!) at least once a week, even if it's only waiting for The Bestie to reach our table at the coffee shop.

People definitely seem to find this weird - particularly in Pizza Hut. I think they were about two minutes away from calling the men with the white coats.

I've also been adding non-bookish blogging hashtags, and tagging non-bookish blogging accounts for retweets, on Twitter. That way it's not just the bookish who are exposed to my all-out zaniness.


I want to spread reading to the world! But for that, my dear nerdlets, I will need your help.

Any ideas of how to spread reading like a plague will be most welcome! AND GET OUT THERE AND READ IN PUBLIC!

  • To not get stressed! - If I don't finish a post by a certain time, it doesn't matter! This is my blog, and I shouldn't be stressing about it.

Ha, yeah... working on this one. It's hard sometimes when you're trying to run your own business (most ninja assassin princesses are self-employed,) and sort out the normal life sh** and blog.

But blogging is definitely good for me mental-health-wise - hence the amount of posts I write on a weekly basis, and the amount of faffing about and bugging all of you that I do in general :)

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  1. 110 books?! Woah! Looks like your really on your way! I'm happy with my piddly goal of 60 books lol.

    1. Ha, there's a lotta poetry, comics, and graphic novels in there - and they're generally quicker reads ;)

  2. Congrats on reading 110 books! That's amazing, like I wish I could read that much in just a year, much less 6 months. Welsh??? That's so cool.

    1. Thanks :) luckily I'm a fast reader :)

      Yeah... like I said, I keep putting off the Welsh one because goddammit it's difficult to siarad Cymraeg (speak Welsh,) but it's important to me to at least try - I'm Welsh, after all, and my nan's parents were Welsh first language. Luckily I at least know the pronunciation etc from my A in GCSE Welsh!

  3. I guess now is probably the best time to be revising these goals because somehow, someway, the year is already half over and I can't possibly believe it D: You've started well into a few of these and are ahead, but others needed sizing down. Good on you for staying on target.


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