Thursday 9 June 2016

Comics Wrap Up - People Like Us, We Don't Need That Much

Graphic Novels

This week I read Malice in Ovenland, Vol 1 (UK - US) - a graphic novel due out in August 2016 from Rosarium Publishing.

Rosarium are a growing, and relatively new, publishers who focus on sci-fi, fantasy, graphic novels, etc., with an emphasis on multiculturalism.

Malice in Ovenland is semi Alice in Wonderland inspired... only there's magical world in Lily's oven. Yeah... just go with it.

It's target audience is clearly kids (which makes a change from the stuff I normally read) and it's pretty entertaining (and more than a little gross in the way that kids like.)

I'll be writing a review nearer to the publishing date, so keep your eyes peeled.

Other Stuff

Two fans showed Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan (and the world,) what real heroes look like when they cosplayed Captain America and the Winter Soldier at the Wizard World Con in Philadelphia.

They brought #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend (the social media campaign to do just that,) back into the limelight by kissing in front of Chris 'n' Seb.

Well done guys, you're true heroes.


Marvel Super Heroes, What The--? rocks. Just... just watch the thing and all of the randomness. So very, very, random.

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