Friday 17 June 2016

Friday Fics Fix! - So Many Alternatives

We in the fandom world like AUs (Alternate Universes to the non-fandom-speaking.)

Now, I've come across my fair share of unique AUs, and my fair share of fairly common AUs. What this week's fic does is take a bunch of the common ones and smush them together to make a unique one.

This, my dearest nerdlets, is fandom at it's finest; stick all the sh** together, in the most indulgent way you can think of, and just keep going! :)

So, what AUs are we dealing with here?

Well, just in this fic, I can spot hints of the Werewolf AU, the Barista/Coffee Shop AU (this is actually a very common AU - no, really,) the College AU, the Modern/Contemporary AU, the Vampire AU, and the Stripper AU (that last one is also more common than you'd think.)

...And those are just the ones I noticed!

Oh, and it's also one of those universes where Thor and Loki are not brothers, and are in a relationship.

This is known as Thorki. Often fic writers don't even bother removing the brotherhood-status, and just make it incest. Oddly enough, I prefer Thorki when they're not related! ;)

I think it's time to break out this gif right here:

(This is one of the most popular gifs to describe fandom in general.

Do not judge us until you've tried our way of life!)

And, before I forget, there are sexy-times. 18 + only guys.

So, this week's fic is:

Yes, there is poor spelling/grammar in places. Yes, it is as mad as a box of cats.

...But it's also awesome. And wish-fulfilment is what we all came here for, right? If we wanted 'normal' we wouldn't be living the fandom life ;P

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