Friday 3 June 2016

Friday Fics Fix! - Sweet as Snow

Before I start this post this week, dearest nerdlets, I'm just going to put in a shameless plug for my discussion post 'The Case For Fanfiction.' :)

On with the post!

I'd never read Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire (dependent on whether you're in the book or TV tribe,) fanfiction before.

While a lot of the stuff I read was the level of depraved you would expect from a series that allows fans to see that much sex and violence in canon, (Fangirling note: canon is the official book, TV series, whatever...) a great deal of it was a lot more family-friendly than you'd expect.

In fact, this fic that I'm going to recommend for you, dearest nerdlets, is actually very sweet.

What we have is a little Jon Snow and a mini Theon Greyjoy finding comfort in each other as the outsider kids of the family - the ones without the Stark name.

To use a fangirling proverb, there's romance if you squint - but there doesn't have to be.

You can totally take this as a platonic bromance - particularly given that they're kids in this fic.

It's a little clumsy in places (what fanfiction isn't?) but honestly, it's worth the read just for the adorable-ness.

This week, my rec. is:

Don't Cry Anymore by snowblowingoverafieldofdeath

Read, and prepare to be like: awwwww!!!! :)

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