Sunday 5 June 2016

Nerd Church - Moving Around Europe

For those of you who live outside the UK, I can tell you that we here in Britain have a referendum coming up.

This referendum will decide whether we leave the European Union (EU) - an economic alliance of European countries.

Honestly, it's not that riveting an institution - but it is important. It allows free trade and free movement in Europe.

Unfortunately, the issue has become firmly focussed on migration. Because people don't know enough about the EU to discuss any other issue.

And also because it is, honestly, very boring stuff - and the 'sexy' issue is the migration one.

(Yeah, I know, it's not that sexy - but here's a gif of Gerard Way. And he is.)

People who are citizens of countries within the EU are permitted to migrate and generally travel about within the EU without a Visa.

Migration is also an issue in the USA if Mr Trump's over-compensating statements are anything to go by (seriously, even if you build a f**king wall, Mexico isn't going to pay for it - why the hell would you think they'd agree to that? They don't have to do anything you say.)

Generally, people who dislike migrants do so because:

  • Politicians use migration as a distraction - if you blame foreigners, people won't blame you.

  • People like to have a scapegoat to blame when things are out of their control. (E.g. the economy is bad, but it must be because of migrants that I don't have a job.)

  • People fear things they don't understand - like other cultures, customs, and languages.

And, unfortunately:

  • Some people are just bigots.

Let me explain to you a few proper, non fear-mongering facts about migration in the UK and EU:

  • Irish people are EU migrants. Spanish people are EU migrants. Italian people are EU migrants. EU migration does not just mean Eastern Europeans.

I hope that's given you a few things to think about, I'll be writing two more posts around this topic for 'Nerd Church' before the referendum on the 23rd, because it actually is an important issue.

I'll try to make the posts interesting - y'know, stick some of my patented Cee Arr flair in there, because... economics, blech!

I'll make it interesting somehow though! Please read my posts! :)

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  1. Happy that you're tackling the more political issues in your posts Cee! I don't really understand politics but I'm happy that you are passionate about it!

    1. Ha, so it wasn't mind-numbingly boring then? It's exceptionally hard to make the EU seem interesting, lol. XD

  2. I'm really hoping we get to stay in the EU. My older sisters have voted to stay and hopefully my parents will too. It's needed for easy trade and also, when thinking personally I want to do a year abroad in university which I won't be able to do if I am not counted as part of the EU!

    1. Well, I'm voting to stay in! I think we should've gone for double jeopardy - if one of the devolved nations votes to stay in while the others want out, then we can't leave without another referendum. It's what was wanted in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, so that we're not removed against our wishes - but it was completely ignored. Stupidly *grumbles.* Lol.

      I think the main danger is that people think the EU is only about immigration, because that's the topic that gets picked on by the media etc. *Sigh* Hopefully sense will win out.


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