Monday 27 June 2016

The Writer Diaries - Micropoetry, June 2016

Here we are my dearest nerdlets! The little scraps of micropoetry that I've written this month, all wrapped up neat 'n' tidy in a blogpost!

(They're kind of sad poems... sorry about that! In my defence, more than one was written in reaction to various things going around me, and in the country in general, when I wrote them.)

8th June

Goodbye little bird,
I promise I loved you
I promise I cared.

Goodbye little bird -
If I could've made it so,
You would've been spared

11th June

Empty shop, empty shop, empty shop.
Reduced bank hours,
Downgraded post office,
One train an hour.
Empty shop, empty shop, empty shop.

15th June

The sky is crying -
It throws down its tears,
So we can know,
That it cries too.

16th June

A bright light burned out today
As it left it lit the way -
Said love not hate is what I say,
Hatred will not win the day

23rd June

You think you know me.
How I wish that were true.
You claim to know me.


  1. These are all great and hit very close to home with everything going on in the country right now. You've managed to capture the despair that I'm sure all of the Remainers are feeling. My favourite was the last one, though. It's got an air of mystery and darkness that I'm always drawn to haha :)

    1. Why thank you XD It's strange - people tend to prefer the ones I just throw together and don't think about! :)

  2. I loved the last one! You just have a way with words Cee!

    1. One of these days this flattery is gonna go right to my head ;) Thanks so much Em, I really appreciate it XD


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