Friday 1 July 2016

Friday Fics Fix - Bat Outta Hell

Fanfiction has no rules. It's part of what makes the medium so unique.

If a fic author wants to cross Harry Potter with something completely random, like EastEnders (please don't tell me if such a fic exists - I don't want to know,) then they can.

No questions asked (except maybe regarding your sanity in the 'wtf did you do?!' kind of style.)

Of course, once unleashed onto the interweb - particularly if you're using one of the more popular platforms like AO3 or FF - people are likely to read your bizarre Franken-fic. People like me.

Because when I see a random cross-over fic, my dear nerdlets, I can't help myself. I just can't resist it, even though nine times out of ten you can be damned sure it will end badly.

This week's fic is one of those random cross-overs that I really shouldn't click on but inevitably do. Lucky for me, it's part of the one in ten times when I wasn't scarred for life by doing this (woo!)

Now, bear (is it bear or bare? Always confused by that,) with me: this is going to sound completely batsh** crazy (upcoming pun intended - because that's just how I roll sometimes.)

This week's fic decides to pair-off Hermione Granger with none other than... (*DRUMROLL*) BATMAN!

I know! It sounds so freaking demented. But... and this is the really weird part... it works.

The fic author has done a fantastic job of smushing the DC world and the Wizarding world together - and somehow it seems plausible (about as plausible as either of these universes is on their own anyway.)

This is set several years after the Harry Potter books end - in an AU (Alternate Universe) where the fighting didn't stop. There's also some spoilers for the books, just a warning in case there's anyone who hasn't read them yet.

(Also, when searching for the link to this fic, I found there is more than one fic out there that crashes Harry Potter into Batman. Be afraid. Be very afraid.)

This week's fic is:

Blessings From Malice by sarhea

Sure, there are some grammar and spelling issues (if someone has bigoted beliefs, they are usually referred to as a bigot, not a bigamist - that's a whole different type of situation! #JustSaying) and some plot-hiccups that aren't really big enough to be called holes, but overall it's actually quite well-written.

There's a bunch of violence and some references to sexy-times (nothing graphic - which was almost more of a shock than the whole Hermione/Bruce Wayne deal-y... this is fanfiction after all,) but nothing that really goes that far past normal YA level.

Certainly, it doesn't get as graphic as some New Adult books I've read - so the easily embarrassed can rest easy.

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