Monday 18 July 2016

How You Can Be An Eco Book-Nerd (With 5 Handy Tips)

Books are awesome. Book nerds are awesome. Being eco is awesome.

Why don't we combine the three??????

It can be difficult, sometimes, to be eco when your favouritest hobby (e.g. reading) is based on paper and electronic stuff.

But fear not nerdlets! I have 5 handy tips for minimising our planet-destroying ways while still reading what we want!

1. Natural Light = Good.

Just because we read about vampires doesn't mean we have to live like them. When and where natural light is available, open your curtains and use it!

I have a BAD habit of waking up in the morning, putting my light on, and reading in bed under the electric light.

This is OK and understandable when it's a grey and basically nocturnal January morning where you can barely see your hand in front of your face, but in the middle of a bright summer's day, use what the sky gives you! It's free!

2. Swap Time!


Swap with a friend to get extra life out of paper books and magazines. Sometimes this works out better for one friend than another.

(I read fast and The Bestie reads slow - she gets more of my stuff than I do of hers. But that's OK, because she's awesome.)

In the end though, this is a great way to clear space for new books while re-using the old ones.

You can also lend/borrow books, but I know some of you are a bit fussy about that. I'm not, but that's 'cos I'm a rebel, me ;)

3. Use Your Library, and WALK To It


Libraries are awesome and get you new books for free! True story.

This also means utilising one copy of a book several times - that re-using thing again!

Now, the other fab thing about libraries is that walking to them is cheaper than the gym AND means saving on the eco no-no of unnecessary car usage.

Of course, if your library's further away, you might not have that opportunity, but try using public transport where you can!

4. Sleep or Off?

There seems to be no general agreement over whether it's better to put your e-reader into sleep mode, or just switch it off. Apparently, Amazon claims it makes no difference.

With my Kobo, I have to say the battery life definitely seems to last longer if I put it off when I know I'm not going to be using it for a while.

Sleep mode is great for saving energy if you're chatting to someone, or popping to the loo, or whatever.

Likewise, there seems to be little to no info out there on whether you should charge your e-reader regularly, or leave it to run down.

My advice? Pay attention to what your own particular e-reader does. And go with that.

And as long as you remember to put it either on sleep mode or off, it's better than just leaving it on all the time ;)

5. The Hidden Eco-Book-Sins


I'm talking about tea, coffee, and snacks. We all like a little bite to eat and something to drink while we read. But we forget about the energy involved.

I'm not saying to go nuts and guard your kettle valiantly with a teaspoon, but watch how much water you're boiling. If it's just you and your book, then you don't need to put all that much water on to boil.

And remember to recycle your snack-packaging where possible!

So my little Eco Book-Nerds, go forth and spread the word!

And remember, not only will the planet be better off, but you'll also be saving yourself/whoever pays your bills some cash. And who doesn't want that?????

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  1. Great, informative post Cee! I'm definitely guilty of turning the light on in my room when I read, even if it's bright and sunny outside. I definitely need to get into that habit.


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