Sunday 3 July 2016

Nerd Church - Of Impossible Things

You all know that I'm an Alice in Wonderland fan (if you don't, I just told you;) and I've been thinking lately that we could all take a leaf out of Alice's book.

(I'm mainly talking Alice a la the recent Disney films starring Johnny Depp; the first movie was directed by Tim Burton (UK - US.))

One of the main themes of the two Alice films is the impossible. Alice makes the impossible possible, and believes in impossible things.

I think we all need to do that - no matter how hard it may feel (and lord knows we've got some damned tough times coming.)

When you believe, and you keep trying, you really can achieve what others may call the impossible.

My lovely country, Wales, has reached the semi-finals in Euro 2016.

Now, if you know nothing about football (soccer) this may not mean much to you.

Let's just say that short of the World Cup, the Euros are about as big as you can get (and thank whoever may be listening that competing is not reliant on being a part of the EU.)

We were not expected to do anything - we were expected to be canon fodder to the other teams. We didn't care. The red shirt is the red shirt, whether it's on a rugby player or a football player.

(In case you've been hiding under a rock, this is Gareth Bale. He's one of the best players in the world. And he's ours.)

We believed the impossible was possible, and made it so.

(And so did Iceland, for that matter - they aren't even professional players, which is fab. Their coach is a part-time dentist, and they defeated England - one of the richest international teams in the world.)

I'm not saying that failure isn't an option - it's OK to fail. What I'm saying is that a little hope, optimism, and belief, can go a long way.

So believe in 6 impossible things before breakfast. Because the world moves in a better direction when we achieve Impossible Things.

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  1. I admit, I was totally excited to see that Wales reached the semi finals. Football, or soccer as we call it, isn't huge in Australia (we have our own game—Aussie Rules), but the half-British side of me was so excited! Especially since the English team I follow has been relegated. Anyway, GO WALES!!!!

    1. Argh, we're so chuffed here! Football normally plays second-fiddle to rugby here, but we're pleased to be supporting the footie or once! XD

  2. Congrats to Wales! Sadly my family's team Italy were just knocked out yesterday, so now we're cheering for the underdog teams. I really loved this post, Cee!

    1. Thanks :) and feel free to throw your support over here for a bit! ;)

  3. Ouch, you really needed to remind me of England's defeat! But maybe after Brexit we deserve it ;) I'm not really a fan of the actual classic Alice in Wonderland, but of the fandom itself hehe. Because I like the characters and the fun that has come from it. But the classic I just couldn't enjoy. Yet I agree - every day we do have to believe and keep doing the impossible.

    1. Ha, sorry for the reminder - but we just don't get the chance to rub English defeats in that often ;)


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