Wednesday 13 July 2016

The Panic! At The Disco Book Tag

This tag was created by Liv @ Curly Hair Bibliophile.

The lovely Sierra @ The Nerdgirl Review tagged me - love ya!

I've added YouTube vids. of the songs, and links to where you can purchase them on Amazon (I'm an Amazon associate) - because I've got an excuse to chuck Panic! music at you, and I'm gonna use it!

(And I'm going to see them live in November and complete my pilgrimage to each member of the Holy Emo Trinity! Squee!!!!!!!)

So join me as I relive my misspent youth, and weasel out of giving direct answers (I'd be one heck of a politician.)

1. I Write Sins, Not Tragedies

Amazon: UK - US

A book you didn't understand/finish

Possession by A S Byatt. It's not often that I permanently DNF a book, but I attempted it twice or three times, and lost the will to go on.

2. Northern Downpour

Amazon: UK - US

A book that made you cry

Books rarely make me cry because I'm a stone-cold hard-a*s rarely moved to tears by anything. I cry more when I'm angry then when I'm sad - strange but true. Except when my depression's bad... then I cry at everything.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (UK - US) though... that made me tear up, more than once. And Mojo, from Swan Boy by Nikki Sheehan (UK - US,) came pretty damned close.

3. This is Gospel

Amazon: UK - US

A book that made your heart pound/suspenseful

Probably Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill (UK - US) and The Stand by Stephen King (UK - US.)

(Although, in the case of The Stand, it may've been from exertion rather than anything else - that ferociously long b*****d is over one thousand pages in length. I sh** you not.)

4. Memories

Amazon: UK - US

A book you attach with a memory

Nothing particularly special about this book, but The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice (UK - US) for reasons.

I owe a lot to that book.

5. Sarah Smiles

Amazon: UK - US

Your favourite love story

Ergh, I'm not big on the love stories... maybe The Invisibles by Francis Gideon (UK - US) ...? Just because it was so incredibly sweet but not in a 'ugh, I'm gonna throw up' kind of way.

(You can check out my review of The Invisibles here.)

6. Victorious

Amazon UK - US

A book with the best battle

Hmm... depends what counts as a battle I suppose. I'm not all that bothered about big battle scenes - they tend to get boring!

Plus, there tends to be a bunch of geography and descriptions of relative positions... and we suspected dyscalculics can't be imagining that cr*p. 

7. Girls/Girls/Boys

Amazon: UK - US

A book with your favorite LGBT+ character

Oh man, there are so many LGBTQ+ characters that I love to death (metaphorically, of course.)

But this honour has to go to one of my first vampire-loves, the wonderful Lestat de Lioncourt from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. 

(Who was played awesomely by Tom Cruise in the film version of Interview With The Vampire (UK-US))

8. Emperor's New Clothes

Amazon: UK - US

A book with a good cover change.

I honestly don't know - there are numerous cover changes, after all, and we have different covers here in the UK a lot of the time anyway.

9. LA Devotee

Amazon: UK - US

A fictional place you want to live in

Narnia, totally Narnia.

But hell, I wouldn't say no to Hogwarts!

9. Miss Jackson

Amazon: UK - US

Your favourite female protagonist

Urgh! So many!

I refuse to commit to my all-time favourite, but at the moment I'm loving Nina from Nina Is Not OK by Shappi Khorsandi (UK)

I'll be reviewing Nina Is Not OK towards the end of the month so keep an eye out!

I tag... Emma @ The Book Crunch and Olivia @ Olivia's Catastrophe - you don't have to do it if you don't want to!

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  1. I actually didn't cry during The Book Thief and I'm really surprised that I didn't. I didn't quite understand the ending, so I think I didn't know when to be emotional.

    1. It wasn't the ending for me... it was Max being marched through the town... gets me every time!

  2. I could only live in the warm Narnia and not the cold one! Oh, and I am like you - I never cry in books. Well, actually today I did finish one book and I absolutely howled. Like three times. And it wasn't even a sad book! I just related to the main character SO much.

    1. NARNIA HAS A BIG TALKING LION!!!!!! (Sorry.)

      *shrugs* sometimes you just click with a book - and that's ok (it's what they're there for) ;)

  3. I love Lestat so much!! I want to read the book soon, as I've only watched the movie (which I absolutely adore!). Thanks for tagging me!! :)

    1. Ehrmagagd I love the books!!!!! And the first one is so awesomeful!!!!!!! And no probs :)


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