Thursday 4 August 2016

Comics Wrap Up - This 'N' That

This is another one of those times when a quirk of fate means that everything comics-wise that I have to tell you falls into the category of 'other stuff.'

That is, the stuff that is either too random or too multi-category-ish to put into another category. Yup - all of that. That's where everything goes this week, for some reason.

(Dammit Loki!)

So here ya go:

Other Stuff

Benedict Cumberbatch talks Doctor Strange at San Diego Comic Con while wearing an awesome Marvel t-shirt :)

Ahh, isn't he the most adorable little nerdcicle?


Jared Leto talks The Joker being a 'sweetheart' (in a terrifying kind of way) -

And terrifies the living sh** out of the talk-show guy:


Will Smith does a full-on fanboy squee - NO-ONE IS TOO COOL FOR FANDOM


Priya Sridhar @ Panels wrote a discussion post on the iconic (and divisive) Batman story The Killing Joke (UK - US)

The main allegation here is that the fridging problem of The Killing Joke storyline hasn't been dealt with in the recent animated adaptation (UK - US.)


Also at Panels is this list of their favourite comics of July.

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