Friday 26 August 2016

Friday Fics Fix - 'Normal' is Overrated

I always love it when fanfiction looks at life from different angles (although, granted, those angles can sometimes be... unique.)

But yeah - fanfiction that shows us the world from a new perspective? Bring it on!

As you may or may not know my dear nerdlets, it's a popular interpretation/fan theory/headcanon that Sherlock (from BBC's Sherlock, oddly enough,) is on the autistic spectrum.

(Fangirling note:

Headcanon (variations - headcannon, head canon, head cannon, etc.) is something which you like the idea of so much that you give it equal weight to the canon (official) storylines and characterisations of the fandom.

When taking on another's headcanon as your own, the correct phrase of ritual-style thanks is 'Headcanon accepted' - often accompanied by emojis or exclamation points.)

The fic that I have for you this week gives as a snapshot of one of those moments in which Sherlock can't ignore the realities of life on the autistic spectrum - as written by someone who is also on the spectrum.

It's well written, very interesting, and fairly damned sweet :)

It's also quite short - so a nice quick read. :)

So, this week's fic, my dearest nerdlets, is:

Overwhelmed by sherlocksavant (thecaffeinatedaspie)

Enjoy my nerdlets!

Also, I found 'clean' fanfiction!!!!! Woooooo!!!!!!! There is hope in this world! XD

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