Friday 19 August 2016

Friday Fics Fix - Sometimes, Dearest Nerdlets...

I love being a fangirl. I do. I have sold my soul to the likes of Loki or Sherlock, and squeed along with the best of 'em.

But I totally understand that, to the non-fandom initiated, we do appear... let's go with 'unusual.'

And I've read my fair share of 'unusual' fanfiction this week... sometimes you just have weeks like that when it comes to reading fanfiction. It happens.

So, my problem was what to recommend to you lovely people. Because this is a fairly accurate transcript of my thoughts when reading a lot of these fics:

'Oh this actually seems quite good, good characterisation, only a few spelling issues...

Oh, ok - that bit's a little unusual...

Yeah... that's for specific tastes. Doesn't do it for me... but, y'know, whatever floats your boat...

Wait. Wait a minute.

Oh God. Who...why would you-? What...?

How does someone even know that that's-? Who would THINK of writing this?


My dearest nerdlets, I have read some stuff in my time... yet still these things surprise me.

Maybe it's a good thing - I must've retained some tiny scrap of normality somewhere along the line. Who knew?

So yes, the rec. I have for you this week is smutty as all get out. But you have not read what I've read. Be thankful for that.

OK, so this is a BDSM story. You know what I'm going to say next - 18+ ONLY (stay in school, don't drugs, and don't drop out to mug little old ladies. K?)

This might be about a Stucky BDSM relationship, but it's actually kind of sweet and based in emotions and all that stuff. :)

(This week seems to have been my week for sweet BDSM stories *shrugs*)

(Fangirl note:

As you probably know if you've spent time on this blog, Stucky is where Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Bucky Barnes have a sexual/romantic relationship.)

This week's fic then my dearest nerdlets is:

you belong (to me) by hermionesmydawg

The fic author declined to capitalise the title - so I haven't either. But actually the grammar/spelling isn't too bad. (Considering this is fanfiction.)

So, yeah - go enjoy this oddly sweet bit of m/m bdsm porn.

I'm going to go and question my life choices while trying to forget the stuff I read this week. Have fun!

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