Thursday 15 September 2016

Comics Wrap-Up - And She's Dangerous

Short and sweet comics and graphic novel-y news this week my nerdlets, due to the fact that your resident Bookish Rebel (i.e. me,) has been super-duper busy!

Also (and most importantly!) IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Graphic Novels

This week I read Red Sonja: Falcon Throne (UK - US)...

...and fgiotjgiothbembgk this is the Sonja book I've been wanting guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marguerite Bennett is now one of my favouritest people :)

Review will be coming up nearer to the publication date.

Other Stuff

If you haven't seen it already guys - you can check out my list of graphic novels with Latinx main characters here. :)

(Come on - you want to check it out! ;P )


Sierra @ The Nerdgirl Review wrote a fab review of Giant Days which totally quelled my misconceptions about that being a series about warring giants (yeah... sometimes my brain invents the story it wants...)


Annnnnd Naz @ Read Diverse Books wrote a great li'l batch of graphic novel mini-reviews :)

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