Thursday 29 September 2016

Comics Wrap-Up - Then I'll Raise You, Like a Phoenix

Film Trailers

There's a new TV spot for the up-coming Doctor Strange (which looks pretty fantabulous, in all honesty.)

Check it out:

Graphic Novels

This week, I read Rendez-Vous in Phoenix by Tony Sandoval (UK - US.)

Why did I pick this up?

Well I was pretty keyed up to read Latinx graphic novels after writing my list of graphic novels with Latinx main characters (*slides shameless plug in seamlessly*) so a new #ownvoices Latinx graphic novel? I was there.

It's short - only about 80 pages - and it's a simple story about Tony trying to get over the US/Mexico border, to meet with his girlfriend in Phoenix.

The voice is strong. And I completely loved it.

Watch out for my review in a few weeks' time! :)

Other Stuff

Comics' publishers IDW and DC have announced a new anthology called Love is Love.

It looks pretty cool, will be out in December, and will benefit the survivors of the Orlando shooting.

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  1. Great! I will be awaiting your review of Rendez-Vous in Phoenix. It's such a short graphic novel, though! Is it part of a series or was that one book all of it.

    I got a copy of Ghosts recently, but haven't had a chance to read it. A few bloggers of Children's literature have reviewed it and expressed concerns about the way Dia De Los Muertos is depicted. I will be sure to read it with a critical lens.

    1. I think it's a one-off - it's autobiographical though, so I guess there's always the opportunity to follow it up with more! It is very short, but somehow that didn't seem to matter, because it's so strong, and because Sandoval has lived this.

      I saw the review you RT'd of Ghosts - I was really impressed by the discussions going on in the comments. Certainly, read it critically! I'd love to know what you think :) I love the constructiveness of the comments I've seen about it - that it isn't a 'bad' book, but has some rep that people weren't happy with, and that that can't be ignored. I think that's a very productive way of moving forward :)


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