Sunday 4 September 2016

Nerd Church - Fragile Trust

Are you someone who trusts easily?

In some ways I hope you are - or, at least, I hope that your life is one that allows you to be.

I hope that you're surrounded by people who would move mountains for you and never dream of breaking the trust you have placed in them.

If you're like me though, you don't trust as easily. I hope that when you do find someone to trust they are worthy of you, and would never dream of breaking your trust.

Trust is a fragile thing - easily broken. People do things, say things, in the spur of the moment which shatters your trust in them.

You thought they would never hurt you, but now they have.

Betrayal is heart-breaking - whether it comes from a friend, or from family, or from anyone else.

But betrayal is not your fault - although sometimes it feels like it must be, that there must be something wrong with you to make someone treat you so unfairly. It isn't. Betrayal is the fault of the betrayer.

There are few circumstances in this world that make a betrayal of trust ok. Most of these circumstances are fairly extreme - they involve risk to health or life, or something illegal.

If you break my trust? It's going to take a lot of time and effort for me to trust you again. Particularly if they way I acted was reasonable, and the way you acted wasn't.

So be careful, if there's someone who trusts you - they've given you a part of themselves. Don't break it.

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  1. I'm someone who does not trust easily and I always think there's more to a person that I don't know about. I don't like it because it leads to me making false assumptions about people.

    1. I don't trust easily - but then, I don't naturally suspect things of people either. It's more like everyone's in a neutral zone until they do something to push them either way ;)

  2. I know I am not someone who trusts easily. And on top of that. I'm really sensitive. Say the wrong thing to me and it can really hurt more than I will let show. But I have had too many people who have betrayed my trust for me to trust that easily again >.>

    1. I'm sorry to here that Liv - you don't deserve people who break your trust. I hope you find someone worthy of it :)


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