Sunday 18 September 2016

Nerd Church - Mae Hi'n Bwrw Eira

Dear trolls, bigots, and assorted jerks,

Hi! I'm Cee. I'm an SJW special snowflake. And I'm proud.

Yes, I'm an SJW.

To me, that's a badge of honour. I'm a Social Justice Warrior. This means I stand against injustice. And I'm proud of that. I refuse to take it as an insult - it's a sign of courage in the world we find ourselves in my friends.

Yes, I'm a special snowflake.

There's nothing wrong with snowflakes - they're beautiful and unique, hadn't you heard? Plus, they're pretty too. #TrueStory

No, I don't look for things to be offended by. But I don't like jerks.

I will support diversity whenever and wherever possible.

When you attack people for their sexuality, their ethnicity, their religion, and whatever else you feel like pulling out of the woodwork, you are acting like a jerk.

Please refrain from doing this. Apparently no-one ever taught you, but it's actually not a very nice thing to do.

I'm sorry you're so angry at the world, and hurt inside. Making others hurt won't solve that. It will just make things worse.

So damn right! I'm a snowflake cariadau - I'm a warrior too. I get to be many cool things, it's not my fault if you're jealous of my awesome snowflake-warrior shine ;)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be over here making the world a better place ;)

(Killjoys, make some noise!)

Oh, and to my dearest nerdlets: don't be afraid to block, report, etc. those nasty trolls.

Seriously, you have to put yourself first; if there is a literal Nazi threatening sexual violence with a bicycle pump (yes, that happened. To me. Today - which is your yesterday,) then I think you're totally within your rights to block and report the b*****d. #JustSaying

Look after yourselves guys!

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  1. YESSS!! We should all be SJW's and proud!

  2. I've always thought of SJW as a positive thing, but apparently some people use it as a term of derision? hah, it doesn't work on me, though.
    I'm so tired of seeing awful people and trolls running amok. It's disheartening and has makes going online mentally exhausting. But I won't give in.

    1. Yeah - I think it's about time we were proud of our SJW snowflake powers ;)

      Spread the positivity and the love Naz, it's the most powerful weapon in the world (yeah... my parents are hippies.) <3 <3 <3


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