Friday 14 October 2016

Friday Fics Fix - One For All...

I should've known, after the Pumpkin Incident of last week, to stay away from the Halloween-themed fanfiction.

But clearly, I don't learn quickly when it comes to fandom. Either that or I'm a glutton for punishment *shrugs*

(And yes, there was much disturbing-ness to wade through.)

Annnnyways, I managed to find another fluffy and fun Halloween fic, which, most importantly, HAS NO SEX WITH PUMPKINS. ANYWHERE.

Ahhhh, the things I do for fandom ;)

OK, so this week's fanfiction is based on the BBC series The Musketeers (which, oddly enough, is based on Dumas' Three Musketeers.)

If you haven't seen The Musketeers - go my nerdlets!!!!!!!! Watch the pretty leather-bound perfect-haired 17th Century French soldiers!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will not regret it!!!!!!!! (So many pretty people in this series... *sighs*)

(Oh, and it has a diverse cast. A historical action drama about France with diverse actors in leading roles, based on a book written by Dumas - a 19th Century Person of Colour (PoC). And there's lots of pretty people. You really don't need more than that.)

This fic actually is set in a modern AU with a slightly OOC Aramis.

(Fangirling notes:

AU = alternate universe.

OOC = out of character.)

And - and this is actually done really well - in this fic, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, are in a polyamorous relationship together.

I really liked the casual way this was dealt with - they're all in love; simple as that.

So this is based around one of those Haunted Houses that get set up for Halloween with animatronics and actors and all that. I've never actually been to one of those because we don't have many here.

So, dearest nerdlets, this week's fic is:

The Nightmare Before Halloween by SirLancelotTheBrave

Enjoy the fluffiness!!!! ;)

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