Thursday 17 November 2016

Comics Wrap-Up - Any Dream Will Do

I actually don't have much comics-y goings-on for you this week, but I did read a couple of single issues:

Single Issues

I read Alganon #1 - a one-shot from DC.

This is actually based on some sort of free game? I'd never actually heard of it before, but the art was fairly cool.

The plot was a bit 'and now, for no reason, here's this monster we didn't mention before!' but I assume that's because of the free-based-ness.

I also read Dreamless... which is kind of... stunningly beautiful.

Seriously, every panel was like an oil painting.

And the whole concept of an American girl and a Japanese boy sharing one alternating life - when he's awake, she's asleep and dreams his life, and vice versa - and then just wanting to be together because they were MADE FOR EACH OTHER GODDAMMIT! ;)

So, yeah... I enjoyed that one! Lol.

Amazon link (full graphic novel): UK - US

And that's it, dearest nerdlets! This week was short on the comics-y-ness *shrugs* - happens sometimes!

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