Thursday 3 November 2016

Comics Wrap-Up - Give me that crown, b**ch, I wanna be Sheezus

Film Trailers

Another Doctor Strange teaser trailer for you:

And a quick public service announcement from yours truly that: although this does, indeed, look awesome, it would likely be just as awesome - and probably more so - without the ethnicity-erasure of the Asian characters.

Other Stuff

Soooo... Frank Cho and Milo Manara acted like immature douches. Again.

(Frank Cho is a relatively prominent comic-book artist; he acts like a douche a lot.)

Basically, superheroines should not be subjected to pornographic sketches as a 'special gift' for 'fighting censorship' in front of a room full of people.

You have stripped Jessica Drew (Spider-woman) of her dignity, her power, and her capabilities. You have literally laid her most intimate area bare to the world; and you don't seem to understand why this is a problem.

For the full story (and the offending illustration) see this article on The Mary-Sue

But Frank Cho, overall, can display all the nuances of a schoolboy writing 'boobies' on a calculator; see examples (NSFW):

(and yes, his official Twitter is 'apesandbabes')

...because, of course, the most edible part of the woman (and therefore the one the crocodile will grab while eyeing her a*s) is in fact the underwear. There are so many... vitamins... I guess?

Yes, this man draws for Marvel & DC. Yes, this is pretty exemplary of his style. No, he does not draw only for 18+, erotic, and/or Mature comics.

Frank Cho is employed on mainstream comics - the ones teenagers, and even some kids, read. He thinks this is an acceptable way to depict women.


On the plus side, you can see the highlights from Marvel's 'Women of Marvel' New York Comic Con panel here:

These women rock. Watch the vid.


I'd be super-happy if you checked it out :)

That's it for this week. Go out and be incredible, and know there are people in this world fighting for what's right.

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  1. I saw your retweets on those offensive pictures. So totally not cool ugh.

    1. I figured it was important to point out that he's not just 'celebrating' or 'admiring' women, but actively degrading them. And has the emotional maturity of a 10-yr-old.

  2. Omg, I despise Frank Cho. What an assshole.

    But in positive news, I will be going to see Doctor Strange this weekend and I hope it's awesome.

    1. I 100% agree - making jokes about ice-cream/birds in a woman's cleavage is not a celebration of the female form.

      Have fun going to see Doctor Strange, hope you enjoy it!


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