Tuesday 1 November 2016

Month In Review(s) - October 2016

October is over!!! And I'm sure most of you are currently stuffed with sweets and/or chocolate from Halloween.

So, without further ado my dearest nerdlets - let's get this wrap-up started!

October was a pretty cr*ppy month for me, depression-wise, but I'm lucky enough to have a) family, b) The Bestie, and c) all of you guys.

Seriously, I appreciate you guys a butt-tonne! You make me smile :)

And even though someone who I once considered cool - a fellow bookworm in fact - unfollowed me when I tweeted about LGBTQ+ things, the number of people actually doing that has reduced from what was happening last month.

This is possibly because I've put Sexually Fluid/Queer on my Twitter bio - so the a*shole bigots probably aren't following me to begin with.

And the very lastest day of this month saw my two-year blog anniversary! And with over 40k pageviews over all, and over 7k pageviews this month, DORA is still going strong (and I'm so surprised and happy, you honestly wouldn't believe it!)

So, to the books I reviewed this month:

Young Adult

Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley - historical fiction, LGBTQ+ (F/F)


Star-Shot by Mary-Ann Constantine - magic realism*, sci-fi* (*ish)

Comics/Graphic Novels

Bread and Butter #1 - contemporary


  1. I can't believe someone unfollowed you because you tweeted about LGBTQ+ things. I guess I shouldn't be shocked—I've heard of people unfollowing others because of pro-diversity things. I wish I could follow you a million times just to make up for that shitty person <3

    1. It was worse last month; I only lose 1 follower, on average, when I tweet LGBTQ+ things now. Before it was 3-4; one tweet I lost 10 followers on. I guess I considered this one person a casual friend, so yeah... that was unpleasant.

      Apparently, I'm not the only one this happens to. I've heard from other bloggers who say the same.

      Ely, you're worth 1000 or more of those douches, thanks for always being awesome! <3 <3

  2. Ugh depression sucks. It's good that your family and friends support you though. Hopefully this month will be better ~

  3. I'm sorry October was pretty crappy personal wise! Hopefully November will pick up for you. Don't worry about the bigots, honestly, it's better that you're away from their negativity rather than having to see it on your timeline or something.

    1. Thanks :)

      And yeah... it's just when you consider someone a sort-of friend and then they turn out to be a douche *sigh*

      Oh well, there's a better quality of followers left behind ;)

  4. I hope November is a better month for your mental health! And your reading, but it seems that October was already a fantastic month for you in that respect :P I've seen Lies We Tell Ourselves a few times but had no interest in it, but I didn't know it was LGBT! Might have to give it a chance now.

    1. Lies We Tell Ourselves is soooooo good! I ship Linda & Sarah to the level of otp, and honestly, Sarah's my new book girlfriend :) The de-segregation plot = wow!

      Thanks Charlotte, I hope it's a better month too! :) <3

  5. A solid reading month! I appreciate that you don't review a kajillion books a month. I do 1 a week tops. lol
    I hope you're getting the right kind of followers now! I've added "Queer Latino" on my bio, so if someone doesn't like that they can skip right ahead. Also, my Twitter name is pretty obvious about the kind of things I'm going to tweet about lol!

    1. Ha, I review however many I feel like reviewing ;) Basically, I think it's important to a) do reviews, and b) put a lot of effort into them - so I just do however many I can do that with in a month.

      I think having sexually fluid/queer on my bio has def. kept more of the bigots away! Some will always slip through the net though - espec. if they're just keyword-following.

      It's not great when someone you thought of as a sort-of friend unfollows you just because you tweeted something about LGBTQ+ people - but it's probably better I know what they're like now, rather than later.


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