Sunday 6 November 2016

Nerd Church - Dear America: Please Don't Make Our Mistakes

Dear America,

It's not just your futures that you hold in your hands. Whatever you do ends up effecting all of us.

So I have a request of you: don't make the mistakes we made.

Too many people here didn't vote, because they didn't believe that Brexit (Britain leaving the EU) would actually happen.

Guess what? It did.

So now we have a divided country, a weakened currency, a constitutional crisis, and the chance of Scotland leaving the UK.

Don't leave it up to other people. Please. You get your butt out there, and you stop that man from becoming president.

Decades from now, I'll be able to hold my head up with pride and say that I voted 'Remain' - that I wanted unity, tolerance, co-operation, and prosperity. That I did not want the racism and hatred that Brexit represents.

What will you be able to say? Will you be able to tell your children and grandchildren that you stood against racism and hatred?

Or will you have to hang your head and say that you voted for a man who had child rape allegations made against him?

Donald Trump is supported by the KKK. He bragged about sexually assaulting a woman. His father was arrested at a KKK rally. He has so many sexual assault, harassment, and rape allegations against him; if this were any other candidate, would he still be here?

He hates anyone who doesn't fit his warped and twisted view of the world.

And the toad-faced pr*ck who ruined our country supports him - that should tell you a lot.

Will you have to tell those future generations that you saw him, and stood by? That you did nothing?

Do not DARE give me the 'voting doesn't matter' b*llsh*t. Trust me, that is what all of the people who didn't vote here thought.

VOTE America. For everyone's sake.

The Rest of the World

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  1. I'm literally scared for Tuesday. I feel like the whole world will be watching and holding their breath. It just scares me because you think that if you live in a different country Trump being president won't effect you, but the truth is, it'll effect the whole world.

    1. I know the feeling. HOW did they let it go on this long?!

  2. I have this horrid feeling he'll win - I mean, we've already had Brexit - because a lot of the younger voters (from what I've seen) are planning to boycott voting because Bernie Sanders didn't make it. Please, for the love your bear this earth, don't let Putin's BFF into office. Please. We'll be facing a nuclear world war before we know it.

  3. Thanks for writing this. I am actually very nervous about the election results. I do not know what I will do with myself if Trump wins. I am terrified, but he cannot possibly win. He just can't. He won't!!

    1. I'm so worried for all of you :/ Just get out, vote, and tell everyone else to do the same. Get people to learn from the UK's mistake!

      <3 to you!

  4. Looking back on this post after the result has been released, we can definitely see that they did not heed Britain's mistake and went for the even worse option. I'm truly scared for a lot of the people in America right now :/


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