Friday 27 January 2017

Friday Fics Fix - And It's Our Time Now If You Want It To Be

Ahhhhh, fanfiction, some days you make me think this flying dirtball zooming through space isn't quite so doomed after all!

Which is an achievement, given the current levels of cr*pitude going around.

Friday Fics Fix title image

So why the optimism?

Well I've come across what I consider a little gem of a fic.

I've been trying to read more diversely in terms of gender, since at the moment, most of what I read is by and about cis-gendered people who fit into the gender binary of male/female.

Fanfiction is often a great resource when it comes to reading diversely.

(Don't get me wrong - it can sometimes be shockingly mis-representative, but due to the open and accessible nature of the medium, there are also people doing some amazing stuff for diversity through fics.)

This week's fic is a short, sweet, little fic about Harry Potter's friendship with Luna Lovegood.

Both Harry and Luna identify as non-binary in this fic, with Harry using they/them pronouns, and Luna using xe/xyr pronouns.

This week's fic then, my dear nerdlets, is:

Blibbering Humdingers are Allergic to Bread by hanarsweater

See you next week for more fanfiction-y-ness - same time, same place! :)

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