Thursday 16 February 2017

Comics Wrap-Up - Rusted From the Rain

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Film Trailers

Another li'l teaser trailer for you, from Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2!

Other Stuff

First look at Avengers: Infinity War!!!!

Granted, this featurette feels a little pompous, and there's a lot of milking-it, (did she just dare to say that?! Yes, she did. #DealWithIt,) but still - as long as they don't let the hype out-do the film, it should be awesome!


Do you guys remember the Team Thor vid that was released a few months back?

It was basically a hilarious mockumentary of where Thor and Bruce Banner were during Captain America: Civil War (UK - US).

Well there's now a part 2 - which once again is just awesome.

I love Chris Hemsworth - he needs to be in more comedies; like, really badly!

'Yay! It's settled. We're getting a servant!"

That's all for this week my nerdlets - more comics and superheroes next Thursday, as usual!

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  1. I am also quite the fan of Chris Hemsworth! Not only is he hilarious but I also feel like he's very humble.

    1. I loved him in Ghostbusters! He was such an idiot in such an adorkable way :)

  2. Loved the new Thor video! Also, like, what is going on with his abdominal area? HOW?


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