Tuesday 7 February 2017

Month in Review(s) - January 2017

Well, that was January 2017... don't blame 2017 too much, guys, it keeps following 2016's examples.

I'm sure that in time it'll move away from the influence of it's older sibling, who was, let's face it, a freaking disgrace of a year.

2017 though can still be steered in the right direction with the help of intervention programmes, and stopping it from hanging out with the wrong people. We hope.

Study and bookshelf

On a more positive note, this was the month that yours truly, along with Angel, Jolien, Dina, Lara, and our fearless leader, the lovely Ely, ran #DisabilityDiaries2017.

And it rocked. In case you hadn't noticed. ;)

You can check out alllllll of the posts from everyone during the event in this Google+ collection, and most of the posts in this BlogLovin collection.

If I've missed your post out, please let me know! Some of the posts I couldn't add to the BlogLovin collection, because not all of the blogs involved had an account there.

You can also submit your discussion and list posts from the event to The Bookish Diversity Link List 2017.

So, I only reviewed 2 books in January (I know, I know, I need to review more!) and both were for the Disability Diaries:

Unspeakable book cover Jerkbait book cover

My other posts for #DisabilityDiaries2017 are listed below:

And that's January! :)


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  2. Hopefully 2017 will not try to imitate it's older sibling! I don't think our world would be able to handle that!

  3. Hi, Cee Arr. Thanks for linking this up on my blog! But it's more of a quick re-cap with links of things you've discussed before, and not adding much else. So it's not going to count for #ReadDiverse2017, I'm sorry! Hope you understand :(

    1. No problem :) - your link-up, your rules Naz! I thought it would count but no worries XD


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