Thursday 16 March 2017

Comics Wrap-Up - Tale As Old As Time... Sort Of

Comics Wrap-Up title image

Film Trailers

First up, there's another li'l Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2, trailer for you to sink your little nerdlet-y fangs into!

(Yes, I've had coffee - this is gonna be fun! 😎)

Warning: Flashing Images.

Why would we be gardens? (...Like, really..?)


And another Wonder Woman trailer!

This looks like it could be really good... or could take itself waaaaaaaaayyyy too seriously (but then, that's the DC curse I s'pose!)

Warning: Flashing images.


Plus there's a really short, really clever, Logan trailer for you:

Warning: Flashing Images, and gore/violence.

Honestly, that right there's some clever marketing. Plus you should totally go see Logan. It rocks.

(But much the gore, violence, and swearing.)


I hadn't realised that upcoming film Atomic Blonde is a comic-book movie, but apparently it is!

It also looks pretty bad-a**.

Warning: Flashing images, violence/gore, M/F & F/F sexy-times (not overly graphic, but clearly sexy-times,) swearing.

Other Stuff

And here, for your net-surfing entertainment, is a bunch of comics-related links I came across this week:

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  1. I love the Wonder Woman trailer. She looks so cool!
    I also like guy from Star Trek (can't remember his name right now), captain Kirk in it. Looks like a lot of fun. :)

    1. His name is Chris Pine I think! (Always go with Chris if you're not sure who the guy is - 10:1 his name is Chris Somebody!) :)


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