Sunday 19 March 2017

Nerd Church - Planet Earth is Blue...

We're f**king up the world my dear nerdlets. Sorry to be all doom and gloom, but it's the truth.

The fact is, our impact on the environment is not OK. And we need to show the powers-that-be (whoever they may be) that we want action on climate change.

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Climate Change, unlike what a certain orange politician will tell you, is very real.

And we millennials? We're gonna be the ones who face the consequences.

We need to show that it's NOT GOOD ENOUGH. And that we believe in evidence, science, and actually taking some f**king responsibility every now and then.

Here's a vlogbrothers video from 2013 in which Hank Green agrees with what I'm saying several years before I've said it!:

Do I even have a point? Yes, my dearest nerdlets, I do.

Next Saturday (25th March,) between 8.30pm and 9.30pm (local,) it's Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is where you can choose to do a variety of things to help the environment and take action on climate change.

Here's some ideas of what you can do:

  • turn off all your electricity for 1 hour

  • turn off your electric lights for 1 hour

  • write to a local politician (or national politician) about your concerns on climate change

  • campaign for renewable energy

  • turn down your thermostat (heating) or your air-conditioning - even knocking it down a tiny bit makes a difference

  • sort through your recycling ready for your local kerbside recycling collection

  • if you don't have a kerbside recycling collection, write to whoever's in charge to find out why the hell not!

  • research the recycling facilities in your area

Look, these are just ideas.

There are loads of things you can do to make a difference. Do whatever you want, and make the statement that we care about this planet, and we will fight climate change.

Because all those tiny efforts? They add up.

Let your politicians know, through your own actions, that you expect action on climate change.

It can be done, here in Wales we have:
The Environment (Wales) Act 2016
Long-term plans for a low carbon economy
62% of all waste recycled - 3rd highest in the world, behind Germany and Taiwan

There are only just over 3 million people in Wales, there are between 8 and 11 million sheep (depending on your source.)

If a constituent part of the UK which literally has millions more sheep than people (if you make an anti-Welsh sheep sh*gging joke, I will find you, and kill you,) can do all this - why can't other countries? Why can't the US?

Demand better.


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If you don't have time to do anything for the actual designated hour, then feel free to do these actions at another time - the more the merrier!

Massive thanks to Dominique aka MissesPancake for the inspiration behind this post - I hope I did you proud!

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  1. YES to all of this! Out of all the issues I am passionate about, climate change is most important to me. I can't fathom the thought that the Great Barrier Reef is dying, or that sharks are becoming extinct when people still think that sharks are more dangerous than humans. At least for one hour, people should show that they care.

  2. The environment is definitely in trouble, and these are all great suggestions for ways to help! It would be great if things like solar power could start being used more, but for now we can all at least try to turn off lights, unplug things we're not using, keep our AC warmer, etc.

    1. Exactly! We have wind turbines more than solar panels here (not that much sun!) but NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yards) keep protesting against them and making a fuss. And it's like, dude, we have enough wind, and, despite what you're claiming, they are not the most ugly thing in the area... by *far.* Lol.

  3. I will definitely be joining in with earth hour. I always do, because I believe it makes a difference. As well as that, I really think it is important to be active for the climate. I try to eat in season, not eat the processed things that travel halfway across the world to reach me and save electricity and energy where I can... everyone making small changes helps! Oh, and I cycle literally everywhere :P

  4. I have no idea why Earth hour hasn't been massively publicised. I love your suggestions!

    #RV&HT Thanks for joining in!

    1. Thanks - totally agree with you, things like this should be publicised more! :)


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