Monday 27 March 2017

Amazon Wish-List

Hi guys,

This is just a short post to let you know that you can support DORA, if you want to, by buying me a book via Amazon wish-list.

Absolutely no pressure! This is just an if-you-want-to thing.

Unlike my other Amazon links, this is NOT an affiliate link.

My wish-list is on the US site, because the UK site doesn't allow you to hide your address from the people buying things (I don't know why either, it just doesn't.)

You can't buy any marketplace/third party items, because I wanted to keep my address private. Sorry.

Please note there's also international shipping fees, and please buy physical copies only.

Like I said guys, no pressure, but you can help support myself and DORA this way if you want to.

I'm also going to mainly list diverse books, so you can support diverse books and authors at the same time.

If you can't afford to/just don't want to, then absolutely no worries (I still love you!), like I said, this is just for those who might want to.

Thanks everyone,


  1. I've had a peek at your list and haven't heard of any of those! I might look again when I've got some pennies!

    #RVHT x

    1. Ha, well whether you buy for yourself or me (or both, even, lol,) I hope it leads to some interesting new reads for you! :)


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