Thursday 2 March 2017

Comics Wrap-Up - If My Velocity Starts To Make You Sweat, Then Just Don't Let Go

Comics Wrap-Up title image

Film Trailers

Another trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2!

(I really need to watch #1 - plus, I'm beginning to worry about how much my personality may or may not be like Rocket Raccoon's.)

WARNING: flashing images

Other Stuff

The Screen Junkies people who make Honest Trailers did one for Doctor Strange!

Now, I really did like Doctor Strange (whitewashing is inexcusable though,) but this pretty much hits the nail on the head!

Drug references, so be careful if playing this in public guys. Oh, and there are SPOILERS.

WARNING: flashing images everywhere.


And here's this week's comics-related links I tripped across while frolicking around the Internet:

OK, that's it for this week, I'll see you next Thursday for more comics-y-ness! :)

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  1. Omg I love Guardians of the Galaxy!! I'm so looking forward to the second movie...aaand, I saw some behind-the-scenes snippet or whatever for Avengers: Infinity War on Twitter and I didn't realise Peter Quill is going to be in it!! SO EXCITED. I love Rocket. I love Groot. <3 I still need to see Doctor Strange.😂

    1. Honestly, I want some Tony Stark & Rocket Racoon banter. 'Cos you just know Tony's gonna have something to say!

  2. Oh god - Iron Man on weed is EXACTLY how I felt about Doctor Strange. I'm convinced Stephen was just Tony in disguise.

    1. Ha, I just can't wait 'til Martin and Ben have an MCU scene together with *those* accents - I think the internet will break!

  3. I've seen bits and pieces of Guardians of the Galaxy so I can't say if I really enjoyed it. I need to watch the whole thing but I don't get any tv time these days. I am usually reading a book if I get the chance. Oh how I would love to binge on some good tv....

    1. I have been ordered to see the 1st one by The Bestie, so that we can go see the 2nd one together. I have an unlimited cinema pass, which I paid for in advance - so we're determined to use it! :)


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