Friday 12 May 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Random and Fun!

Who feels like some random-a** funniness? (I do! I do!) (Lol.)

Friday Fics Fix title image

So I figure there's nothing wrong with some pure randomness every now and then. It's quite refreshing, given the world we currently live in... (Me? Cynical? Pshaw! Pshaw I say!)

So this is just a random, fun, short fic I found on my Internet-y perusings!

(And yes, its MCU - because the Marvel Cinematic Universe is my home guys!)

I really have very little else to say about this one...

...except that it made me laugh and is proof you should never leave your stuff where Tony Stark can find it.

This week's fic then, is:

Patriotic Paint by Darkest Sight (Daylight)

And that's all for this week! If you liked this post, please comment and share! :)

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  1. Sometimes randomness is a good thing! I think we can all get a bit cynical in these times haha!

    1. Ha, too true! Not sure whether it counts as cynicism if it's based on reality, unfortunately... *shrugs*

  2. Hehehe, love Ironman ironing!

    Thanks for the laughs. :) It's always good to make someone laugh.

    Dinh @ Arlene's Book Club


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