Tuesday 23 May 2017

Mini-Review! (Comics Edition!) - The Sun Dragon's Song #2

The Sun Dragon's Song title image

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Title: The Sun Dragon's Song #2

Author: Joyce Chng

Artist: Kim Miranda

Genre: Comics, Fantasy, Kids

Series: The Sun Dragon's Song

The Sun Dragon's Song #1: UK - USA
The Sun Dragon's Song #2: UK - USA
Two issue bundle #1&2: UK - USA


I received a free review copy of this book from Rosarium Publishing, via NetGalley, as an opportunity to provide a fair and honest review.

First of all: if you haven't checked out Rosarium Publishing before now, I recommend you do. They rock.


I read and reviewed The Sun Dragon's Song #1 a while ago, and loved it, so figured I'd do the same for #2!

Just like the first part in this series, this was a) cute as all get-out, and b) ABSOLUTELY STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL.


Every panel of this comic is worthy of hanging in a gallery. I can't stress enough how stunningly gorgeous the artwork is.

This one also seemed more developed - in terms of both character and world-building; we get to learn more about the dragon rider's academy, and see more of Ho Yi's determination and strength.

Occasionally the dialogue is still a little stilted - but there is some improvement from the last issue.

Our young protagonist, disabled Asian boy Ho Yi, is strong but realistic (well - as realistic as something with dragons gets) and is truly becoming a great li'l character. :)

And dude - there are awesomely drawn dragons!!!!!!

(I mean, come on, isn't that an excellent reason to read something?!) (...ok, maybe a little coffee. But not much!)

A couple of warnings: there's bullying, in particular ableist bullying, which may be distressing to some readers. Obviously, since there's ableist bullying, there's also ableism.

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  1. Sounds beautiful! Even from what I'm getting from the cover it looks quite gallery worthy!

  2. It's awesome when you find a comic with art that really clicks with you! And the diversity sounds fantastic! Plus dragons :-D What is the disability that he has though?

    1. I don't remember exactly what Ho Yi's disability is, but he uses crutches to walk and is generally shown to have mobility problems :) (It's such an awesome series!)

  3. I am so glad you've been able to enjoy the sequel to this one a bit more as the development has improved! And from the cover I can imagine why they images are going to be so stunning. It sounds like they are too beautiful for pages alone ;)


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