Thursday 29 June 2017

Comics Wrap-Up - If You Carry On This Way

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Film Trailers

Maybe this is more of a publicity stunt than a trailer, but meh, my blog my rules.

See what happens when Spider-Man freaks the hell out of a bunch of people at a coffee shop in New York.

(I have to admit that my fave reactions are the ones that are just like, 'Hey, how you doing?')

Other Stuff

Seeing as how it was Father's Day on the 18th, there's a Father's Day special of 'Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!'

This series always makes me laugh - mainly because it's total interwebs humour, and I'm clearly 12-years-old in the maturity stakes ;)

Pow! divider

If you don't understand why Marvel's cancelling of two Black Panther series was, in fact, sh**y as all hell, then sit down kids.

Marvel set these series up to fail, and then pointed at them as a example of diversity failing to sell.

Coupled with their Nazi-loving moment, my faith in Marvel Comics (not the MCU, my fangirling home,) has waned to an all-time low. I love their characters; but how could they do this?

Jessica Plummer @ Book Riot  explains what's really behind the various figures and stats, as well as the failures of basic comics marketing that lead to this ridiculous decision.

And that's it for this week! More comics-y stuff next Thursday!

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