Friday 23 June 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Save the World with Glitter!

Lots of people aren't straight. Like, lots.

And since it's still Pride month, let's celebrate the not-straight, shall we? ;)

Friday Fics Fix title image

In fact, let's get the Avengers, and then make 'em hella gay!

(Fanfiction is saving the world. And first among it is MCU fanfiction!)

(Fangirling Notes: MCU = Marvel Cinematic Universe = Marvel movies (excl. X-men and a few others.))

So, this is a short, fabulous post, to celebrate a short, fabulous piece of fanfiction ;)

This week's fic is:

*Is that an awesome pen name or what?!?!

Hope you liked! I'll be back next week with more fanfiction-y goodness!

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