Thursday 26 October 2017

Comics Wrap-Up - Through These Fields of Destruction

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Film Trailers

More Thor: Ragnarok mini-trailers! Uber-excited to see this now!!!

Also, Chris Hemsworth needs more comedy. Seriously, Hollywood. Do the thing.

And it's out earlier in the UK than the US!

It's 24 Oct here (already out!) and 3 Nov there. I love it when that happens - mainly because most films we have to wait weeks if not months for, so it's nice to turn the tables now and then! :)

(Warning: flashing images in all)

Other Stuff

If I had any cooking skills at all, I would be so tempted to make these Mjolnir candy apples:

...but sadly, as far as I'm concerned, if it don't go in the microwave, it ain't happening! Lol.

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Over on Comic Book Resources this week I read this awesomely funny post on Wolverine memes that made me laugh probably more than it should!

Comic Book Resources also had a post of Easter eggs (i.e. hidden geekish references,) in the X-men films and cartoons - I was aware of a worryingly large amount of them, because I'm clearly a huge X-nerd! XD

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And Vice had this interview with Sheena Howard, who's behind a comics encyclopaedia for people of colour (PoC)

So that's it for this week! Please share and comment :)

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  1. I read as "Chris Hemsworth needs more money" and was like...I think he's probably fine?? But yes for comedy! I'm hella hyped for this movie :D

    1. Are you 'Hela' hyped? ;) I'm sorry, I couldn't resist! Lol.

      And he's fine for money I think XD The world needs more Chris Hemsworth comedy though!!!!!! XD XD XD


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