Friday 27 October 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Everybody's Waiting For the Next Surprise

It's still October so let's continue with the Harry Potter fics! (You know you want to!)

Friday Fics Fix title image

And this one is actually based around Halloween! With no pumpkin sex! (Man, I've gotten lucky on the lack of pumpkin sex this year! Thank God.)

We have Halloween, Harry Potter, and gay af. Your argument is invalid. Life is wonderful. 😎😇💖

This is Drarry (yes, again! Excuse you! #Rude.)

Pansy Parkinson wins a bet against Draco, and now he has to ask Harry out ('cos Pansy knows he's got his eyes on that prize.)

And honestly, it's good for Draco that he's got Pansy in his corner, because Draco is useless at this! Poor boy.

(Fangirling note: Drarry is a romantical and/or sexual relationship between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. It features in this post series quite a lot!)

Draco Malfoy in the great hall

There are a couple of issues I have with this fic - despite its general awesomeness:

Firstly, the phrase 'f*g hag' is used. Ugh.

Don't do that guys. It's both homophobic and sexist at the same time. Please don't use it - even as slang.

And, worryingly, Draco tells Harry to get off him AND HE DOESN'T. Like f**k off dude, if he tells you to get off him, YOU GET OFF HIM.

I know he changes his mind like a second later, but that doesn't matter. You stop. You check what he wants. You don't do anything else until he says it's ok. #ResponsibleAdvice.

If you can get past those things though, this is a really fun and quirky li'l fic - with a butt-load of sass!

(There's also a butt-load of swearing - heads-up.)

So, this week's featured fanfic is:

And that's it for this week!

Friday Fics Fix is taking a brief break next week, and will be back on 10th November.

So my nerdlets, any of you have Harry Potter-related plans this Halloween? XD

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  1. I actually really ship Drarry. If someone were to make a movie or tv show about them, I would watch the hell out of it.

    1. I know, right? But Scorbus is totally my OTP ;) (Scorpius is a precious cupcake who must protected at all costs!!!!)

  2. Pumpkin sex? I'm frightened! I agree with you about the no means no part---it always frustrates me when I see this in books.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Fanfiction caters to *very* unique tastes. (Which are apparently a lot more common than you'd think.) I am now *very* careful when searching for seasonal fics. Because Easter was even weirder. I sh** you not. *shudders* (It does make me wonder who the hell is writing this stuff, tbh.)

      And yes! If someone says stop, you f**king STOP! ARGH!

  3. This pumpkin sex thing must've really scarred you for life considering how often you bring it up, haha.



      Lol, it was worrying! ;)


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