Thursday 7 December 2017

Comics Wrap-Up - Short 'n' Sweet

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OK, so, I haven't had much time for the comics-y-ness this week, because I'm suuuuper busy (that's a type of super, after all! Lol,) so I just have a few fun things in the 'Other Stuff' category.

(And, as always, I blame Loki for there only being 'other stuff.')

Other Stuff

The brilliant Danika Leigh Ellis made a video about her queer comics collection:

POW! divider

And a random YouTube sketch about Wonder Woman (the character, not Gal Godot) negotiating being in the Justice League film:

(Warning: flashing images, swearing)

And that's it for now! Love ya, nerdlets! :)

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  1. Other stuff is always good! Don’t worry about being too busy Cee, whatever content you feature is brilliant!


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