Thursday 25 January 2018

Comics Wrap-Up - Vying For Attention From a Girl

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Welcome to this week's comics wrap-up! This is another one of those times where all the stuff I have to give you falls under the 'other stuff' category.

Dammit Loki, I know this is your fault! ;)

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O.O  *fans self*
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Other Stuff

Artist Lea Seidman Hernandez has apologised for the racism in her work on The Punisher for the Marvel Mangaverse, and requested that Marvel stop re-printing it.

POW! comic bubble

Zora Gilbert @ Women Write About Comics talks about new graphic novel, Bingo Love, the pressures on diverse creators, and the importance of the representation of everyday experiences of marginalised people.

POW! comics bubble

GLAAD announced their nominees for Outstanding Comic Book (that represents LGBTQ+ people and/or issues.)

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And to finish us off this week, Eric Smith over @ Book Riot wrote this great list of comics/graphic novels by People of Colour (PoCs.)

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  1. I have been ready SO MANY comics lately it’s ridiculous. Thanks to my English and Creative Writing class of course lol. You’d be very proud of me, Cee!


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