Friday 23 February 2018

Friday Fics Fix - Something Trashy

Dumpsters! Friendship! Diversity! What more could you want?!*

I've told you before, my dearest nerdlets, about the awesomeness that is the 'dumpster brothers' meme/trope/sub-fandom/whatever!

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But, in case you need some refreshment: Clint Barton (Hawkeye) and Matt Murdock (Daredevil) combine their odd habit of ending up in dumpsters to become friends!

(Yes, it's usually as random as it sounds!)

*Don't answer that.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find the perfect Dumpster Bros fic - this one features an alley with a dumpster, but they're not actually in the dumpster! (Drat!)

Still, this is pretty cool, and - most importantly - allows Clint Barton to be deaf.

Yes, the Hawkeye of the comics is deaf, and uses hearing-aids.

And Marvel have point-blank erased that from the films. Which is a sh**ty decision, like the decision to erase Loki's pansexuality and gender-queer identity (both of which are present in the comics.)

Basically, much as I love the MCU (Marvel movies,) white-washing ain't its only problem. #JustSaying

But because fanfiction is going to save the freaking world (and I firmly believe that my nerdlets!) many fics include Clint's deafness.

This fic also features Clint having terrible luck. I'm not going to say I can relate... but I may be thinking it. Lol! 😅

So, for a fun and fairly inclusive fic, check out:

Did you know (without me telling you - 'cos I mention it a lot! Lol,) that Clint Barton is deaf in the comics?

I'll be back with more fanfiction next week, my nerdlets.

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  1. Okay I had no idea Clint was deaf, and I thought I knew a lot about him. :) This was fun, I love the part where Matt asks him how he's an avenger and Clint is like I ask myself all the time. That made me laugh. :)

    Also the dialogue feels right, I can totally see the DD from the show saying things that way.

    1. It's really annoying that (mainly due to the movies, dammit!) people don't know about Clint being deaf.

      I know, right? Like, that's a total Clint Barton response!

      I don't have Netflix so can't see the show, but it was generally in character for comics-Daredevil (we will not speak of Ben Affleck Daredevil.) :)

  2. Huh, that Dumpster Bros thing does sound pretty random lol. I think I had heard about Hawkeye being Deaf. That's disappointing the films have removed so much rep though :-/

    1. *sighs heavily* The erasure isn't good. Like, how difficult would it have been to give Hawkeye hearing aids? Or have him speak in sign language in one scene? It's like with Fantastic Beasts - you literally need like 1 or 2 mins from a 2+ hours film, and you can't do that?!

      Dumpster Bros is totally random - and I love fandom for coming up with it! XD

  3. man I need to start reading comics again! I didn't know Loki's was pansexual! Shame on them from removing that from the movies! Seriously?

    1. Yup. They also removed Mystique's queerness from the X-men movies - which is a slightly different studio, but still really annoying!

      I mean, it's not like comics are *bursting* with diversity - and if you remove what's already there for the films, then that kind of says something about how you view people, y'know?


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