Sunday 11 February 2018

Nerd Church - Rebel Valentine 2: Return of the Candy Hearts

(Yeah, no, I don't know where that post-title came from either! 😅)

Welcome to this year's coffee-fuelled, rule-breaking, kick-a** Valentine's Day* Nerd Church post!

(Those who read last year's post will know (sort of) what's ahead - those who didn't, hold on darlings, Cee's about to get on her soapbox, and possibly end up sharing TMI. But that's what she does.)

girl sitting and aiming an arrow bow in an artistic style

*Yes, I'm aware that it's not Valentine's Day until Wednesday. I'm doing my post now. Because I'm a rebel.

This year I've decided that Valentine's Day is for self-love.

(No, not like that! Not that there's anything wrong with that - natural urges and all that, it's just not what I meant! But I'm not judging. Lol.)

Let's face it - we get enough sh** about what we *should* be doing and what we *should* want out of life, relationships, etc. etc. etc.

So if you're single this Valentine's - or hell, even if you're not, no judgement here - why not throw their expectations to the ever-loving wind, and decide to just enjoy yourself?

Make it a day that's just for you. Self-care. Self-love. Taking care of you.

Some of us may never find someone. Some of us don't want to. Some of us are busy, or dealing with other stuff, or just getting out of a relationship, or whatever.

We all deserve happiness. We all deserve love (not necessarily of the romantic kind - that might not be your thing, and that's perfectly fine.) We all deserve to feel valued - even if it's just by ourselves.

Also - who knows what's around the corner? You may never get to enjoy another Valentine's Day where you're single!

And that means you can't buy all the heart cupcakes for *yourself* and watch ridiculous films and reality TV all day with a cup of coffee in your hands!!!

You might not even have time for a ridiculously decadent bath with a stack of magazines!

(These are just ideas, obviously - do whatever you want!)

So why not enjoy it? No, seriously, why don't we f**king enjoy it's brains out!

The only reason not to enjoy it is because society tells us that to be happy on Valentine's Day, we need to be in a relationship.

It tells that single people on Valentine's day are either a) cynical, b) miserable, or c) both. And f**k that sh**! No-one tells ME what to do!!!

I have enough trouble being happy in general (not 'cos I'm single - 'cos I have depression and anxiety,) so I'm not gonna let any chance pass me by!

Move aside world, this Valentine's Day is OURS!

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  1. I love the idea of making Valentine's Day about self-care. Sounds like a better idea than being pressured into buying a load of tacky stuff for people that they don't even want anyway. My husband and I aren't really doing anything except perhaps using it as an excuse to binge on icecream and chocolate pudding. The main event for us is the day before-Pancake Day! We are going all out for that.

  2. What a beautiful post, Cee! My pet-peeve is when single people turn into downers on Valentine’s Day. Who says you still can’t celebrate it? My mom actually has this lovely tradition of giving my sister and I chocolates and putting it on the chair that we sit in at the kitchen table. It always makes me happy :)

    1. Thanks! And tbh, I think single people can turn into downers b/c of the expectations etc. etc. - but, like I said, f**k that! ;)

      And awww, that's sweet! (Pun unintended, but v much there!) XD

  3. Ok this is the second post I've read today in which the blogger talked about self love and then had to clarify, haha. Anyway, this is great! You're right, I spent my teen years thinking it was sad to be alone on V Day, which I almost always was, but screw that. I don't really care now lol. We all deserve to feel the love, whether it's from a romantic partner, a friend, our family, or just ourselves!

    1. Hell yeah!!!! XD (and yeah... I suddenly was like, oh cr*p - not like that! Lol.)

  4. Great post! I totally agree - and that's what 2018 is for me this year. ME and self care.

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    1. This ^ ^ ^ was supposed to be a reply, but technology hates me.

  6. Happiness is something most people have to work on (being single or not, having depression or not) because it's something so internal! Only peeling many outer layers you find yourself and therefore acceptance, self-love and happiness. Layers imposed by society as you say so well. That's why self-love is so important! So thank you for posting this! Awesome post as usual!

    1. Ha, you actually sound like my parents XD Thanks though, you're awesome! :)

    2. I know you were agreeing - no worries! :) And argh! Don't encourage them! ;)

  7. Awww I LOVE this post! I found myself smiling and nodding along with what you were saying! Fabulous, uplifting post! Love it!
    Jen @ Star-Crossed Book Blog


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