Friday 9 March 2018

Friday Fics Fix - On Witches and B**ches

Yesterday was International Women's Day, so why don't we get feminist for this week's Fics Fix?

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Too often, we dislike female characters - not least because their authors and/or creators make them unlikable.

Not only do they make them unlikable, they don't give a REASON for them to be unlikable.

I think - and this is just my personal opinion! - that we'd be more able to forgive female characters their unlikable-ness if these same characters had more than 2 dimensions.

If you're gonna make a b**ch, you gotta give me some reason as to WHY she's a b**ch, y'know?

Especially if she's a recurring character.

So, with that in mind, I love it when a fic author takes a disliked - or even hated - character and gives them depth, makes them more than just a pantomime or fairy-tale villain.

The witch shouldn't just be wicked because she's wicked. If she's an old woman who lures kids into her gingerbread house, then what was she doing for the decades that came before?

That's not me criticising fairy-tales, the reason they work is their simplicity and the ability to remember them and pass them on. But modern books etc? Even fairy-tale retellings?

Dudes, we need to know more.

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Which brings us to Pansy Parkinson.

Unfortunately, Ms Parkinson is one of the most poorly-written characters in the Harry Potter universe. And she's also disliked to the point of hatred.

But this fic author lets Pansy up her game.

Meet bad-a** feminist Pansy Parkinson. Who also manages to remind us all that feminism isn't about only standing up for the women you like - it's about supporting the women you don't, too.

It might be short, but it's full of impact! (And also full of swearing! Kids, don't swear. #ResponsibleAdult. #NoReally.)

(Warning: this fic references rape/sexual assault by a male character.)

This week's fic is:

Do you know of any fics which take female characters to a deeper level? What's your views on unlikable female characters? :)

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  1. Sounds interesting! I definitely agree that many female characters are made very unlikable, and I never really liked Pansy Parkinson myself because she was made to be sort of b*tchy. It’s good that fics are doing something different with her!

    1. I know, right? But she's just b**chy, with no reasons given! She's not especially deep, as characters go *sighs*

  2. haha love that fic! Of course feminism is about supporting ALL women! The ones we don don't like too! I had completely forgotten about Pansy Parkinson! Even after reading the fic I cannot completely remember her! But again.. it;s me we are talking about! I'm writing a post now with feminist characters Hermione is there of course! :)

    1. Woop! Yeah... if you don't hate her, you forget her. She was that shallow a character. She was mainly there to be a b**ch to Hermione, and for Hermione to be sassy back to!

      YES! All women for the win!!!! XD

      Ooh, I'll have to check out your post :)


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