Friday 2 March 2018

Friday Fics Fix - Shuri, Girl-Genius

If, like me, you're currently obsessed with all things Black Panther, and want MORE dammit! - then you're in luck.

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This week's fic is, indeed, more from the characters from Black Panther - and, more specifically, Shuri.

Shuri is amazing.

She's smart, fun, and as keen to wind her brother, T'Challa, up, as any other little sister would be.

(Not that I'd know anything about irritating an older brother, of course. *Shifty glances.* 😅)

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So this is what happens - in the fic-author's imagination - when the amazing Shuri meets the amazingly arrogant Tony Stark.

And no, she doesn't let him get away with any sh**!

This is a short fic, and not all that action-packed, but I found it fun, and hopefully it'll help keep your Black Panther hungering at bay! XD

This week's fic, then, is:

Clash of The Geniuses by KSTodd

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  1. Okay okay okay so did I tell you my plan for an awesome fic where Shuri and M'Baku have to work together to rebuild a Wakanda that's not so dependent on vibranium? I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT IT A LOT. They would build grudging respect! Eventually they would become the best of friends and Shuri would have a second (honorary) big brother. It would be magical.

    1. Ha, no you hadn't told me! Sounds intriguing ;) I think that could work! :)


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